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Why City Greeen Environmental Lawn Spraying Services Estero FL

Why City Green Environmental

Estero Why City Greeen Environmental Lawn Spraying Services
Why City Greeen Environmental Lawn Spraying Services in and near Estero Florida

Why City Green Environmental Lawn Spraying Services in Estero

Can you imagine coming home every day to a beautiful lawn and not having to call your service company about weeds, fungus or your lawn just not looking its best?

I think there are a few key reasons that really make us stand out from the rest.

For starters we always send two technicians to your property at each service to guarantee that no stone goes unturned. While one technician is doing the main application of lawn or landscape spraying, the other technician is inspecting and treating the lawn for weeds while also keeping an eye out for problems such as insects or disease on your bushes or areas in the lawn that are weak and need to be treated with extra potash or fungicide in order to recover. Doing this is more costly for us but it is the only way to get the job done perfectly vs just ok. But don’t worry about price. Our prices are middle of the road. We simply take a smaller markup and hope that our great looking lawn for you will lead to referrals (Instead of us spending the money on advertising).

Our program is 100% all-inclusive meaning that you never will be called with “hey its grub season and its extra money”. We take care of everything that your property needs to always be the highlight of the street and we do this for one simple price every month. It’s that simple.

You are never asked to sign a contract binding you to our service.  That’s right, “No Contracts!”. Ask our competition to do your yard without a contract and most of them will walk away. The only reason a company in this industry would ask you to sign a contract is because they are lacking confidence in one of three things, their staff, their product, or their process. If you are unhappy with our service you can discontinue it at any time with a quick phone call or email.

We incorporate sustainable and organic products into your program to create a safer environment for you, your family and our technicians. By applying organic and sustainable ingredients that are high in carbon content into our monthly program, this benefits us and you in a few ways. It allows us to drastically cut back on the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus which in return makes this a much healthier program for the environment. Reducing the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus means that, your family has less exposure to these products but it also means a healthier over all plant which can naturally defend off predators such as insects and disease. In this case we can use insecticides and fungicides that are less toxic and a little more people and pet friendly.

We offer a 30 day %100 money back guarantee. If you do not see a visual improvement in your lawn within 30 days of your initial treatment, we will refund your money. This one is simple. We know are Process works, we know our products work and we know our team knows what they’re doing. If we don’t hold up our end of the deal, why should you have to pay?

Most of all, we are small locally owned company. We are your neighbors in Lee county and we care about lee county. Everything we do is in an effort to protect and preserve our resources while creating a beautifully green city for you and your family to live in and enjoy.


Why City Greeen Environmental Lawn Spraying Services Estero FL

Why City Greeen Environmental Lawn Spraying Services

Estero Why City Greeen Environmental Lawn Spraying Services
City Green Environmental
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