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From small repairs such as fixing leaky sprinkler heads, repairing broken pipes, adding a new zone, replacing a well pump or installing a brand-new irrigation system, we have the solution. Our current customers receive exclusive pricing whether it’s a system inspection, repair, or routine maintenance programs.

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System & Pump Installations

System Installation

Installing a system is meant for professionals with experience, allowing us to anticipate problems, develop a stronger design, and executing a system installation as if it was our own, because your home is our home.

Why trust us? We design the system layout to have sprinklers independent of each other, maximizing area coverage, never wasting water. More importantly, we use high-quality products with industry recognized names.

$60.00 Irrigation Inspection Up To 5 Zones!
Pump Installation

Don't do it yourself, ask us. Our experts will size, scale, and plan the installation of your pump correctly.

A number of factor should be considered for optimizing your pump such as electricity required, water pressure, system size, and lawn area. Together, the proper combination of these components will save you money over time, by reducing the water bill and overall electrify.

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A City Green Environmental professional will come to your home, walk around the entire property with you to go over all your concerns and answer your questions. Once you have the information you need, starting your service is as easy as saying, start my service.

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