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City Green Environmental offers all the services to protect you, your home, and business safe! If you are hearing scratching in the walls, see small droppings, and see any gnaw marks on objects, corners, or walls, then please give us a call!

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Schedule an inspection for your home or business and learn why so many people have come to trust our company for their pest control services.

Our program includes service calls at no additional costs covered, year-round to rid of damaging and annoying pests such as Rodents.

Professional Rodent Service In Fort Myers

Our rodent control services are comprised of a 3 step approach:

  • Sanitation Measures are Taken
  • Rodent Proof of Evidence
  • Population Reduction

During each visit to your home, our service will consist of an inspection of entry access across multiple points, sealing off potential entries, tracking and trapping services.

Our program covers: Ants, Spiders, Roaches, Fleas, Ticks, and Crickets.​

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City Green Environmental technicians go through constant training and continuing education in order to always provide you with a quick diagnostic and treatment plan for any of your pest control needs.


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