Remembering Kyle

Hi everyone, this is Katherine, Kyles mom. We wanted to share with y’all that with the good lord’s help Kyle’s dad and I are going to continue keeping Kyle’s dream alive here at City Green. This company and customers were Kyle’s passion. This was not work to him, it was enjoyment. 

The customers here are so awesome and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for all the beautiful cards and letters that were sent, it was so nice to read all the nice thoughtful words on how loved he was.

Kyle has always had a fascination with pest control. After working with many other companies, he knew that he could do a more thorough job with better quality products to grow a happy, successful business. He started City Green in 2015 with so much excitement, it made my heart smile.  We were so proud of him. 

We believe that customer service is number 1 in a business relationship. The golden rule is what we as a family have always lived by, and Kyle continued with this in all his life and business decisions. I wanted to share this with all of you who knew Kyle because all these memories are so precious to me.  

Kyle called me the later part of 2019 and asked me to come help him out — that the business was getting too large to handle without some help. Of course, we moved here.  I was so excited to help and spend time with my son. It was such a blessing and an honor to work alongside of such a great man.  He had so many great qualities Just like his dad. Kyle has been trying to get his entire family to move to Florida, so we could all be close. He finally talked his sister Sharie into transferring her business here from Jacksonville, and his oldest sister Sabrina soon followed. We are all here now, thanks to my sweet boy and his huge heart.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and smile knowing that I will see you again someday in glory. I love you Kyle.

Thank you for your kind words
City Green Environmental