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At City Green Environmental, our technicians are always equipped with multiple options to treat your lawn and landscape diseases and prevent future diseases, such as brown patch and grey leaf spot, as well as fungus.

Our lawn care program includes treatment for lawn and shrub diseases at no additional cost. We are constantly educating and training ourselves on the best cultural practices and disease management techniques as well as educating you on disease problems that we find on your property.

Our technicians customize your lawn treatments to prevent diseases and fungus. ​

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Our treatment program includes lawn and shrubs at no additional cost!​

Fungus and Disease Control Spraying for Lawns in Fort Myers


Fun fact: Your lawn could not exist without fungi!

Not all grass types are susceptible to all types of diseases and fungi. For a disease to develop, three things must be in place.

  1. A disease-causing pathogen
  2. A susceptible host plant (St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass, or Bermuda grass)
  3. Correct environment conditions for disease development (too much water, stress from traffic, poor mowing, etc.)

If just one of these factors is present, grass diseases can occur.

When our team is on your property, we know what to look for to mitigate the current disease-causing issue and prevent future outbreaks. Your technicians will always communicate exactly what is causing the fungus, what we did to treat it, and how to prevent the fungus from reoccurring.


A few things to keep an eye on:

Maintaining a lawn at the recommended mowing height will improve its ability to resist diseases and give it greater aesthetic appeal.

Irrigation is essential in preventing drought damage during the dry season.

At the same time, the amount and the timing of application can either prevent or facilitate disease development. This balance exists because most fungal pathogens that cause leaf diseases require free water (i.e., rainfall, irrigation, dew) on the foliage or very high humidity to initiate the infection process.

Selecting the proper turf type is imperative to preventing lawn disease. St. Augustine lawns, Zoysia lawns, and Bermuda lawns all require different watering and mowing practices. We can help you identify the best turf for your individual property.

Brown Patch Disease is the most damaging disease to St Augustine turf grass!

Brown Patch Fungus in Fort Myers Florida

Brown patch fungus is predominately a Fall-Winter lawn disease that’s caused by a fungi called Rhizoctonia. The disease begins to show growth when temperatures get around 65° during the evening with high humidity during the day.

Once started, brown patch lawn fungus spreads quickly. Brown patch fungus first appears as small circles of brown and dead grass surrounded by a narrow, dark yellow ring. This dark, yellow ring is not always visible, but is more likely to appear in the early morning when there’s dew on the grass. Brown patch fungus grows out from a central point, so these circular areas can enlarge rapidly.

Preventing Brown patch fungus in the lawn is done by your lawn care professional. Advising you on the proper watering habits every month, limiting quick release fertilizer during fall and winter and applying preventative fungicides on known problem areas are all things that your City Green Environmental technician will do each and every visit to your home.

We will alert you if there are any signs of grey leaf spot fungus developing in your lawn
Grey Leaf Spots

Grey Leaf Spot is most common when the weather is warm and humid. Wet conditions are key. In fact, water must be present on the blade for 14 consecutive hours for the fungus to infest the leaf. fertilization with nitrogen makes grasses highly susceptible to the disease as well.

Irrigating deeply, but infrequently is a big part of controlling this disease. This generally means two times per week at one inch of water per cycle. Always irrigate in the morning, which promotes quick drying of the foliage.

The healthier the grass, the less chance of the grey leaf spot spreading to other parts of the turf. In this case, prevention is the best cure. Always mow at a height that cuts no more than 1/3 of the top of the grass blade off. Remove anything that shades the area, as sunlight helps water dry faster from the leaves, and maintain watering practices that do not cause the grass to be wet for long periods of time.

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