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Are you looking for a lawn spraying company to take care of your lawn, tree and shrub spraying for fertilization, disease and fungus prevention, weed killing and pest control? Would you like to work with a company who treated you like a best friend and gave you the same advice they would give to their own family members?

Kyle's Promise and Our Mission - Delivering Your Care.

Kyle started City Green Environmental. Many years ago, he worked for several of the big national lawn spraying companies. What he found was that many of them applied watered down chemicals, used rickety equipment, employed low paid technicians, and did a poor job overall. With this in mind, he decided to create a company that would not only offer friendly service, but would produce lawns that were simply outstanding and even amazing.

Don’t worry about price. Our prices are in the middle of the road. What you should be worried about is the “quality” and the cost of having an unhealthy lawn. For instance, there are generally three levels of fertilizer available. The top level is very expensive, and the lowest level is very cheap. Most of our competition purchases the cheapest fertilizer available. We, instead, blend all of our own fertilizers using only the best ingredients. Yes, that does drive our costs up, but we do not raise your prices as a result. We simply reduce our profit margins. How can we do that? It’s simple. Most of our competition spends a significant percentage of their income on advertising and sales people. We’ve decided not to waste that money.  We focus on producing such an amazing product, that your neighbors come by and ask, “Who does your lawn?” By doing a better job, we have already advertised “using your lawn.” Due to this, we have a vested interest in making your lawn the best looking one in your entire neighborhood.

When we arrive, our staff is professionally dressed and driving a clean truck that won’t embarrass you when it’s parked out front. We will then exceed your expectations by doing a review on each visit of your lawn sprinklers (Are they reaching all the areas they should) the frequency and amount of watering your lawn is getting (Are you getting dollar weed from over watering), and mowing habits (Are the mower blades dull which promotes diseases, is your lawn being cut at the appropriate height etc). We do this to help you and show that we care.

We believe you should feel that your yard looks better than if any other company was spraying your yard. If you do not feel that it does, feel free to call so we can make it right. Our guess is you will never call and never cancel. I can say this because when my phone rings it is always someone who saw our lawn flag in a neighbor’s yard and wants theirs to look just like it. The other calls? Telemarketers doing their day job.
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