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Living in Southwest Florida also means living with mosquitos. That doesn’t mean that you cannot control and eliminate mosquito populations in and around your property. Mosquitos are actually considered one of the deadliest creatures in the world, leading to more than one million deaths annually. Just one bite can spread life-threatening illnesses such as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and others.

Let Them Hide, We'll Find Them.

Keep your family safe by scheduling regular lawn treatments to eliminate the threat of these stinging pests. Our proven program is designed specifically for treating mosquitos and other stinging insects.  

Offering monthly service to kill the mosquitoes hiding in your bushes and lawn.
Pet Safe Mosquito Control

During the day, 90% of mosquitoes hide from the sun in the comfort of your grass and bushes, keeping cool and moist. It’s only at night or on cloudy days that they come out. So, knowing this, where is the best place to wipe them out? Where they live. We offer once a month service to kill the mosquitoes hiding in your bushes and lawn.

It’s true that it won’t kill the mosquitos in your neighbor’s lawn (You could always ask your neighbors to call us too) but the reality is while mosquitoes can fly, they’re not strong flyers and won’t travel far and tend to eat close to home. Oh, and dead mosquitoes don’t give birth to new generations of mosquitoes.

Special Event Misting

One-time Mosquito barriers for special events

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Outside Gatherings

All guests can enjoy a comfortable bug and free event!

Guaranteed mosquito removal from the experts in lawn care & pest control.
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Our mosquito experts will thoroughly treat all nesting sites around your entire property with long lasting microencapsulated insecticides to kill adults, then apply a larvicide to kill and prevent future egg deposits from any wandering mosquitoes.

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