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Ants, spiders, and other pests are often found in your yard, but you don’t want them pestering you or entering your home. We can assist to keep pests from invading your home and causing damage or harm to your personal property and family members. Our experienced technicians will begin by evaluating your pest problem and will then provide you with a plan of action and an estimate. Every pest control treatment plan is developed specifically for your home and pest control situation. Treatments typically focus on the foundation and entry points of your home. 

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Fact: There are over 600 COMMON insects in Florida.
Lawn Treatment Service

Nothing spoils a beautiful day or evening outdoors like lawn pests. Not only are outdoor pests annoying, but they can cause great damage to your yard and even spread disease. Eliminate the threat and presence of outdoor pests with City Green’s lawn treatment services.  Some of our most popular lawn pest control services include mosquito control, tick control, fire ant control, and more.

During each visit your home and pool cage is swept for spider webs and wasp/dirt dauber nests. We apply granular bait around your flower beds and the entire perimeter of your home to get rid of hiding spots for roaches and ants. We apply microencapsulated insecticides to the outside of your home to provide a strong barrier against insects. These insecticides are safe for Bees, Babies, and Butterflies.

Our program covers: Ants, Spiders, Roaches, Fleas, Ticks, and Crickets.​

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City Green Environmental technicians go through constant training and continuing education in order to always provide you with a quick diagnostic and treatment plan for any of your pest control needs.

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A City Green Environmental professional will come to your home, walk around the entire property with you to go over all your concerns and answer your questions. Once you have the information you need, starting your service is as easy as saying, start my service.

City Green is the only choice I use for lawn care and treatment. They get the job done right every time and my lawn looks incredible!

Steven Hartwell

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Whether you need maintenance services, fertilizing, disease control, or insect control, City Green Environmental has mastered the art of landscaping.

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