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From small repairs such as fixing leaky sprinkler heads, repairing broken pipes, adding a new zone, replacing a well pump or installing a brand-new irrigation system, we have the solution. Our current customers receive exclusive pricing whether it’s a system inspection, repair, or routine maintenance programs.

Current Customers Get Exclusive Prices.

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Part Repair and System Replacements

Repairs & Replacements

Installing a system is meant for professionals, but fixing one? That's meant for the ones with experience and at City Green, we have both. Trust the guys who get dirty for a living to find the leak without tearing up your entire yard, or fixing a zone without trying to sell you more.

From pumps, sprinklers, wells, and more! Call Now.

$60.00 Irrigation Inspection Up To 5 Zones!
Maintenance and Inspection

When we come to do your lawn treatments for fertilizing, weeds, etc... we like to do a little something extra. With this in mind we take a look at the patterns from your lawn sprinklers. For example are you watering too much (Tell tale signs are fungus, disease and the rapid growth of dollar weed), too little (Grass has a brownish cast and feels crunchy when you step on it). Another example is that we walk your yard looking for circles. No, not crop circles (We'll leave that the conspiracy people). We look for circles in your grass.

More specifically circles of bright green grass in the middle of an otherwise brownish area of your yard. This generally indicates your sprinkler head is working (hence the green in the middle of the circle) but is either not popping up or is not tall enough to spray over the surrounding grass (hence the water only actually reaches a small circle around the sprinkler head and the grass further out is dying from dehydration). We also look for areas of your hard that are not the same color as the rest of the yard (possibly a broken sprinkler head. IF we see something wrong we will leave a note on your door. Just one more way we are turning your city green one lawn at a time.

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Whether you need maintenance services, fertilizing, disease control, or insect control, City Green Environmental has mastered the art of landscaping.

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