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We offer a 30 day %100 money back guarantee. If you do not see a visual improvement in your lawn within 30 days of your initial treatment, we will refund your money. This one is simple. We know are Process works, we know our products work and we know our team knows what they’re doing. If we don’t hold up our end of the deal, why should you have to pay?

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You can make payments by check or credit/debit card. To pay by debit or credit card, simply log into your account at and click “Log In” at the top right. From here you can pay after each service or set up auto-pay. There is no fee for auto-pay and is what we recommend to prevent late fees. To pay by check, you can simply use the self-addressed envelope left in your invoice bag after the service, or mail your check to 4600 Summerlin Rd, Suite C2-535, Fort Myers, FL 33919. Please write account number on your check.

The state of Florida allows you to water your lawn within 24 hours of any pesticide application. This watering must still be within your dedicated water time i.e. 12am-4am, 4am-8am etc. Always keep your bill handy so just in case you receive a citation or warning letter, you have evidence of when your service was provided.

Problems come up, that’s certain but we will always be there to fix them quickly every time. We offer free service calls between services for our monthly customers. All you must do is call our office, explain the situation, and one of our technicians will come out within 48 hours to address the concern.

We recommend allowing a minimum of one hour after the service is completed before you allow children or pets onto the grass. Make sure that the lawn is completely dry.

We recommend that most applications be watered within 24-hours. This will begin to break down the products and get them working faster. Our technicians will leave detailed notes with watering instructions on your services invoice each month. It is important to know that Florida law allows homeowners a 24-hour window to water after a pesticide application.

Most of the products we use at City Green Environmental need to be watered in so there is no concern if it rains after your service. We also incorporate wetting agents and surfactants into our applications so that our products begin penetrating the leaf tissue immediately on contact which reduces the chances of it being washed off.

.Because we have such sandy soil, if any area of the lawn is not getting PLENTY of water, you will start to see dry areas form. When this happens, the grass blades curl up and give off a bluish-grey color. You will also notice that dry areas will not bounce back from footprints or tire tracks like the hydrated parts of the lawn. Please call the office as soon as you recognize these signs of drought stress to schedule an irrigation inspection so that we can fix the problems before we lose any turf.

Weeds are undesirable, but are a part of nature. We apply pre-emergent weed control to reduce the amount of weed germination that takes place, but weeds will still break through this barrier. This is where our monthly post-emergent weed control efforts come in. Every month, we are spot treating weeds that are growing in the yard, and these will die, but others will begin germination between visits. You should not see a great deal of weeds between services, but a few here and there is very normal and a sign of healthy soil. If you ever feel that weeds are excessive, please call us so that we can address it. Something to note is that Mother Nature uses weeds like bandaids, so they will be more prevalent in thin areas of the lawn.

Yes, we believe very strongly in having the same technician service your property each and every month. This allows your technician to know your property’s strengths and weaknesses. your technician is then able to take a proactive approach since he knows what has been done to your property in the months past, and also allows better communication between you and your technician.

The mushrooms you are seeing throughout your lawn are essentially a chimney for decomposing matter in your soil I.e. a piece of wood, plastic from the homes construction, cardboard etc. and the rains have increased the speed on this decomposition process causing you to see mushrooms. These mushrooms are completely harmless. Just kick or mow them over and they will go away

Yes we comply with the BE WISE DON’T FERTILIZE with nitrogen or phosphorus from June through September. We do however still apply necessary micro-nutrients that your lawn needs to look and be healthy. These months still receive a thorough weed treatment.

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