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The beautiful, vibrant plants that grow in Lee County thrive in our tropical climate and they can really be the difference that sets your landscaping apart. The reality is, that most of our common plants are commercially grown and are not native to our soil type. Because of this, it takes a lot of outside assistance to keep our landscapes thriving and looking healthy all year long.

So, what does a tree and shrub program look like at City Green Environmental?

Most shrubs and ornamentals need frequent applications of fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides. Due to Southwest Florida’s very alkaline sandy soils, nutrients do not hang around very long in the root zone of plants, therefore frequent applications are required. Soil amendments such as sulfur are also needed to keep the soil in your landscape beds a healthy living environment for your shrubs.

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Liquid Fertilization

These are foliar applications of minor and macro nutrients ( iron, manganese, sulful, nitrogen, etc.) for rapid uptake Granular fertilization: granular fertilization is a great way to provide your plants with a constant flow of nutrients. Granular fertilizer is wrapped in a polymer coating that is broken down with water in order to give your plants a small feeding each time you water your lawn or it rains.


Fungicides are imperative in our hot and humid climate which make up the perfect conditions for foliar eating diseases that can take over your landscape if the proper protection is not in place.

Insect Control

For 12 months out of the year, there are multiple species of insects that want to suck the life out of your beautiful plants. At City Green Environmental we apply a combination of systemic and contact insecticides throughout the entire year to always keep your landscape free of Aphids, Mealy bugs, Scale, White fly etc.

This is one of the key components that makes City Green Environmental properties really stand out. A lot of companies only provide their technicians with push spreaders which leaves a lot of room for variable speeds and uneven fertilizer application patterns.

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