What You can Expect

The process for Lawn treatment, Pest control, Tree & Shrub care, and Irrigation



We receive your initial application, take pictures of the property and take notes regarding any issues in order to create a service plan designed specifically for your benefit and your lawn’s needs. NO CONTRACTS.


You will be assigned two technicians to treat your property with the necessary products of fertilizer, weed killer, fungus and disease control, as well as insecticide for the turf damaging insects. 


Pictures and notes are taken again for the next service, as well as follow ups if needed before next service. All you need to do is watch your lawn transform into the lawn you will be proud of.


Be happy with the results! -On a month to month basis, you can make payments by check or credit/debit card. To pay by debit or credit card, simply log into your account at CityGreenFL.com. You can pay after each service or set up autopay.

Lawn Care


A service analysis is provided- we are going to take the time and look closely to determine your property needs up front with a quote.


The first initial service is completed by our lead technician.


We measure your property and tailor a custom 12-step program that best suits you and your lawn.

Tree and shrub

Our program includes systemic insecticides year-round to avoid turf damaging and pesky insects. The price for this service is $4.00 per palm tree per month, and can be added onto your current program. 


We can fix it! From small repairs such as fixing leaky sprinkler heads, repairing broken pipes to installing a new irrigation system. Our complete system inspection is $60 up to 5 zones, and it’s put towards the cost of any work we do on your system.

End of the service

You will alway get a full assessment of your property – We offer free service calls between services for our monthly customers- Call our office, explain the situation, and one of our technicians will come out within 48 hours to address the concern.

City Green Environmental