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How Much and When Water Lawns Estero FL

How Much To Water Lawns

Estero How Much and When Water Lawns
How Much and When Water Lawns in and near Estero Florida

How Much and When Water Lawns in Estero

Is your lawn crunchy?

City Green Environmental understands the importance of proper watering and our technicians are trained in spotting early signs of over or under watering and to take actions at each visit to diagnose the source and correct the problem. The best defense in protecting your lawn from water related issues is to maintain optimum health of the soil and turf grass so that your lawn has the ability to prevail through the stress of frequent droughts and our heavy summer thunderstorms.

All turf types her in South West Florida are extremely finicky when it comes to proper watering and will never perform unless watered just right.

According to The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, “Overwatering will harm long-term turf health because it greatly increases disease susceptibility and thatch buildup and leads to a shorter root system, which reduces the turf’s overall stress tolerance and ability to survive with less water.” In fact, diseases such as grey leaf spot and brown patch fungus as well as weed species like dollar weed and sedges thrive in saturated, overwatered lawns.

Underwatering your lawn can quickly lead to turf loss. Your lawn will “tell you” when it needs to be watered more.

Signs of a drought stressed lawn are:

-  Grass has a blue-gray tint rather than maintaining a green color.
-  Footprints or tire tracks remain visible long after they are made.
-  Leaf blades are folded in half lengthwise in an attempt to conserve water.

Watering your lawn twice per week and delivering 2” of water per week will allow your lawn to stay properly hydrated without over saturating causing infestations of weeds, insects and diseases.







How Much and When Water Lawns Estero FL

How Much and When Water Lawns

Estero How Much and When Water Lawns
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