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How And When To Mow Lawns Estero FL

How And When To Mow Lawns

Estero How And When To Mow Lawns
How And When To Mow Lawns in and near Estero Florida

How And When To Mow Lawns in Estero

Mowing, its one of the single most important aspects of a perfect lawn. Without proper mowing, no amount of water or fertilizer is going to give you that perfect lawn.

Mowing Height

For St Augustine lawns, the ideal mowing height is 4”-4.5” while only cutting off no more than 1/3rd of the overall length of the grass blade. Cutting off more than 1/3rd can lead to scalping which leaves grass susceptible to insects, disease and heat stress.

Frequent mowing also encourages root growth which leads to a lawn that is very resistant to insects, disease and drought stress. Improper mowing is the #1 reason for poor lawn performance and should be avoided at all cost.


What’s in your grass clippings? Clippings are valuable energy source because they hold nutrients that your plant still needs. Mulching these clippings back into the lawn when mowing does a couple things for your lawn. 1) once the clippings are decomposed they release stored carbohydrates as well as other minor nutrients. 2) during this decomposition process, you are feeding good bacteria and microbes in your soil which is a very, very good thing.

Always remember to keep your mower blades sharp. Mowing with dull mower blades is like getting a hair cut with very dull scissors. This leaves the leaf tissue open to airborne pathogens and causes rapid dehydration of the plant.





How And When To Mow Lawns Estero FL

How And When To Mow Lawns

Estero How And When To Mow Lawns
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