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City Green Environmental LLC
Lawn Spraying and Fertilizing

About City Green Environmental

How did City Green Environmental come into existence and why?  Because many of the companies (not all, there are many fine and honest companies out there) who offered lawn fertilization and pest control services were promising great results but then producing less than adequate results for their customers.

Kyle Osborne (owner of City Green Environmental) spent many years working for many of the largest chains of companies that did lawn spraying, fertilization, etc...  He was amazed that the sales people for these companies would state "We are the best" and hand out advertisements and brochures for these companies that promised great results but that the results were actually fairly poor.  He kept asking himself the question "how can they promise the best lawn possible" when these companies invariably used the cheapest fertilizers and pest control products they could find.  It's true.  There are generally three price points on lawn fertilizers, weed killers and pest control products.  IN the instance of fertilizer the low end (cheap) fertilizers will make your lawn look a little green for a while, but they do very little to help the long term health of your grass, shrubs and trees.  Basically if this is a house what they would be doing is using the cheapest paint possible which looks good today, but in the future starts to look bad pretty quickly.  The medium grades of fertilizer do help the health of the plants, but again, it's like trying to live the rest of your life but no one will feed you anything but coffee and donuts.  Sure you feel good for a little while, you feel full of energy.  But later you crash.  So, medium grade fertilizers are someone of a quick "fix" which is not the same as a healthy diet.  The absolute best fertilizers are balanced so that nutrients are released on timed basis (Instead of all at once).  The more balanced over time the better the long term health of your lawn.  So basically, putting this in laymans terms Kyle saw the big companies promising their clients the best lawn possible, but feeding it what amounted to stale bread crumbs.  A few of the better companies offered the equivalent of "coffee and donuts" which looked better but still the overall health of the lawn suffered.  So what did Kyle do with his frustration with people getting less than they paid for?

Kyle created City Green Environmental with the idea that he would use the absolute best fertilizers, the best weed control mixes, the best fungicides, the best disease killers and the best pest control chemicals.  Kyle followed up in this with making sure to use only the best equipment to spread these chemicals (even distribution is critical to good lawn health).  Kyle also decided not to cut corners on labor.  Whereas most companies send out one person to treat your lawn Kyle always sends out two so that they can do a much better job of treating your lawn, shrubs and trees.

The result?

When you are driving around town you will see little signs that companies put up after they treat lawns for bugs, disease, fungus, weeds and to fertilized.  Stop a minute when you look at these and compare the lawns.  When you do this you will start to notice something. First, the lawns that never have signs usually have the worst lawns.  Yards with signs generally show some improvement,  But they go and look for our signs with the little green frog that say "City Green Environmental" and our guess is that you will find the grass is taller, green, thicker, fuller, no bare spots and actually the nicest looking yard in the neighborhood.  You don't have to take our word for it.  Just look for the signs and see the difference for yourself.

Kyle wanted to add a few more things instead of only focusing on how your grass will look.  He wanted you to never be embarrassed by ugly old vehicles in front of your house. With that in mind just take a look at our beautiful trucks.  Nothing embarrassing there.  Our staff is also the friendliest you will find and with two people on every job we are here and gone in half the time to avoid interrupting your life.

Basically, Kyle wants to give you and everyone else the best of everything?

Where did the name City Green Environmental come from?

Kyle started our company with the philosophy is that he wanted to "turn the whole city green, one lawn at a time."




City Green Environmental
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